Regrow Hair Protocol Review: Causes Of Hair Fall

Ever wondering why in every brush of your hair there’s a bunch of hair being shed? There are many indications for that my friend, don’t panic for now, but find out first why. Don’t worry for there are so many solutions to regrow your hair but naturally hair grows by itself and of course depends on your lifestyle. Your eating habits also determine the health of your hair, eating junk foods may damage your hair because no nutrients will be absorbed by your hair but vegetables and fruits contain vitamins that trigger hair growth, like Vitamin A and protein-rich foods (meat, fish meat). More information on regrow hair protocol on

The natural way and taking medications will surely result in hair growth, but it depends upon your choice. Spending money for some pills is a practical way but preferring for the natural method will cause you time, patience and more effort, but either of those two will still be effective. Discipline, Interest, and Dedication will require you, without these things you won’t be able to have what you desire. But before resolving the growth of your hair, find out here the possible causes of your hair loss. Search for any regrow hair protocol review after assessing your condition.

Here are the possible causes of your hair fall:

  • Natural hair fall – The study of some hair experts results that, in a day there is an average of 100 falling hairs. It is normal and shouldn’t be a worry since naturally, hair grows by itself.
  • Family Inheritance – This is a possible cause of falling hairs. The hair loss may have been passed on to you from either your mother’s or father’s side of the family.
  • Too much chemical or allergy – Some people are allergic to some hair products, results to a shedding of hair. Or too much chemical and combinations of products may infect the scalp and loosens thehair.

    An Indication of a medical condition – Beyond the natural hair fall, don’t be too confident but for your sake, visit a doctor immediately and ask for a medical check up.